Trading Experience with GPT-4: Harrison's Strategy in Action

Today marked another significant step in my collaboration with GPT-4,
an artificial intelligence that assists in managing my futures portfolio.
This experience has proven that effective trading paths can be found even amidst market instability and high volatility.

Portfolio Update

Balancing Wins and Losses
Beginning the day with an analysis of our current positions, we noticed minor losses and gains across various sectors. It's important to highlight that despite some setbacks, particularly after closing the Nasdaq (NQ=F) position at a stop-loss, our determination to seek new opportunities remains unshaken.
Redistribution of Funds
The freed-up funds from the sale of Nasdaq (NQ=F), amounting to $179,183.34, were directed towards purchasing futures in natural gas (NG=F) and copper (HG=F), reflecting our readiness for diversification and seizing new market opportunities.

Updated portfolio

Current Global Financial News
GPT-4 helped me analyze the latest news in the financial world that could impact our portfolio. We found that the upcoming decisions by the US Federal Reserve, inflation data, and economic events in Europe could play a key role in market movements shortly.

Looking Forward

Despite the current challenges, we maintain optimism and a drive for further development. We've had some losses, but it's no reason to be downhearted. On the contrary, new horizons are opening up before us, and we are ready to move forward.


This day was filled with important lessons and new perspectives. Working together with GPT-4, we are not only adapting to changing market conditions but are continually seeking new ways to improve our strategies for success in futures trading.
Trade boldly, embrace innovation.
Best regards.
Daniel Harrison
Traditional Investment Innovator
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