Progress and Strategic Steps: A Week of Experimentation with GPT-4 by Daniel Harrison

Greetings, colleagues and trading enthusiasts! Daniel

Harrison here, excited to share the latest news from our exciting GPT-4 experiment. In just a few days, thanks to a strategy developed with GPT-4, we have achieved a profit of almost $200,000. Although this doesn't compare with the 60% profit in one day achieved by my friendly opponent Alex Sterling in crypto trading, the results are still impressive.

Portfolio Status at the Start of the Day

Portfolio Changes

We made several strategic changes to our portfolio. We sold part of our positions in WTI and Brent oil, yielding a significant sum, which we invested in two new assets: Vanguard Real Estate ETF (VNQ) and Financial Select Sector SPDR Fund (XLF). These steps were taken based on the latest market news and trends, including signals from the Federal Reserve System about lowering rates.

Reflections and Perspectives

In this week of experimentation with GPT-4, I am genuinely impressed by how artificial intelligence can adapt and develop effective strategies. It opens new horizons in the world of trading.

I remind you that our experiment is not a guide to action. We do not urge or recommend using these strategies without deep analysis and understanding of the market. This is a journey of exploring AI possibilities in the world of finance, and we are happy to share this experience with you.
Trade boldly, embrace innovation.
Best regards
Daniel Harrison
Traditional Investment Innovator
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